I had read about Ultrasound therapy as an alternative to invasive treatments, and I'm so glad I did it! The 'lift' in my skin was noticable around my eyes after about 2 months, but I could really see changes much later. My skin was smoother as well as lifted - I didn't look so tired! Friends commented on how well I looked, and I was very happy with the results.



Best thing I ever gave a try was Hypoxi, I was really skeptical when I signed up in 2016. My friend recommended as she had done the program and had success. I tried my first 12 sessions and dropped so many cm’s, I was hooked. I am always recommending Hypoxi Elsternwick and Your Complete Wellness to anyone who has complimented me on my weight loss. Commit to the first 12 sessions and stick to the program and advice Greg gives and you won’t be disappointed.


I was very sceptical about Hypoxi training as I have tried many different things in the past with very little results. Discipline has always been my downfall.

Doing Hypoxi with Greg in Elsternwick was a fun experience. I looked forward to my sessions and despite not doing my diet as instructed I was overjoyed with the results. To date five friends have joined Greg’s studio because of my results and have all experienced great results.

Thank you Greg for your support, wisdom and encouragement.

Tara M 2019

I did the Hypoxi package with Greg and was delighted with the results. I dropped 2 dress sizes and lost 38.5cm overall- over the course of 6 weeks . The first two weeks for the change in habits around meals and no sugar were tough but got a lot easier and the results were totally worth it! The process really works!



Climb Above Your Average


In the pursuit of a personal development course, CAYA is the one course that will enable you to move through any limiting beliefs and learn the tools you already have within to elevate your thinking, behaviour and fuel your real inner needs and wants.


My experience was that this course provoked a deeper level of critical thinking on topics I had already had in my psyche but brought them to the fore and enabled deeper active awareness. The nature of the steps of Gregs' course subconsciously elevates you to vibrate higher than where you have been residing - in a comfort zone - and expand on former learnings in a unique & guided way.


The practical applications and the space to practice, review and share week after week mean these new habits are integrated into every day life, rather than just 'shelf help' which may not carry forward and simply be shelved after reading! I found the weekly wisdom prescriptions enlightening and looked forward to engaging with Greg weekly on my findings, feelings and journey. His content is real, it is derived from experience and a profound understanding of human nature, beliefs and limitations.

Ellen Barr